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Art Imaginarium: Micro-Macro

Art Imaginarium: Micro-Macro

At the SETI Institute, our scientists conduct research that ranges from studying microbes that could provide clues about the origins of life to exploring entire planetary systems in search of habitable exoplanets. Sometimes, there are "visual echoes" - imagery that looks nearly identical at microscopic and macroscopic scales. Think of the iris of a human eye and a planetary nebula. What could that mean?

We challenged our Art Imaginarium members and followers to take on the idea of works of nature written both large and small, and they provided flowers, eyes, planets, black holes, hearts and more.

We hope you enjoy this small sample of the art our members shared with us. If you want to participate in Art Imaginarium, please join us on Facebook at or share your work using #ArtImaginarium on Twitter and Instagram. We pose a new challenge each month and invite people to stretch their creativity.

Today, take a moment to contemplate the similarities between the very small and the very large. Join us on our mission to lead humanity’s quest to understand the origins and prevalence of life and intelligence in the Universe and to share that knowledge with the world.


Mella Tiamat
By Mella Tiamat


Sabine Heinz
By Sabine Heinz




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