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Art Imaginarium: A Tribute to the Arecibo Radio Telescope

Art Imaginarium: A Tribute to the Arecibo Radio Telescope

The Arecibo radio dish structure suffered a catastrophic collapse on December 1, 2020. In a year of so many difficult events, we wanted to honor the nearly 60 years of work done using that 1,000-foot dish.

Our Art Imaginarium challenge for January was to pay tribute to our fallen friend. The responses ranged from humorous (Seth Shostak included an ice cream reference in his video)  to sublime. We are pleased to share their work with you. 

The Art Imaginarium is a Facebook group dedicated to the space where art meets science. 

Why art? Science and art are more closely connected than people might expect, with each offering new perspectives and insights. We’re building a global artistic community where everyone feels safe expressing themselves and exploring the limits of their imaginations. We hope that this will be a space where people respect both art and science. 

What is art? We do not want to constrain creativity. Want to write a song? Draw in pencil? Create digital art? Bake a cake? Use pasta and beans? Go for it. Each month, we provide members with a challenge theme. For February, the theme is Micro/Macro. Details will be forthcoming soon.

Join the challenge here  or participate on Twitter and Instagram using #ArtImaginarium.



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