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Artists Interpret the Iconic Drake Equation in the Art Imaginarium

Artists Interpret the Iconic Drake Equation in the Art Imaginarium

The SETI Institute’s Art Imaginarium is a Facebook group dedicated to the space where art meets science. Each month, artists tackle a new challenge theme, interpreting science through visual arts, dance, music, poetry and more.

On May 28, Frank Drake, celebrated scientist and Emeritus Trustee at the SETI Institute, turned ninety years old. To honor his birthday month, our Art Imaginarium group was challenged with Frank’s most well-known contribution to SETI, the Drake Equation. This equation seeks to put mathematical constraints on the existence of intelligent life in our own galaxy, the Milky Way.

The idea for the challenge originated from a project created by grad student Dan Peluso and his high school physics classes. They took the different variables from the Drake Equation and used them as inspiration for an art installation at their school.

From cartoons to movie posters, and dances to digital art, our members came through. We’re excited to share a gallery of some of the work that was created. You can also find performance contributions at the following links:

Gillian Rhodes, dancer:

Valerie van Zuijlen, filmmaker:

In June our artists have been working on art about fast radio bursts (FRBs), those enigmatic and fleeting radio pulses that can’t yet be explained.

Please join the group and add to our growing family of SciArtists.


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