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Scientist Seeking Signs of Extraterrestrial Life to Receive the SETI Institute’s Drake Award

Mountain View, CA – Victoria Meadows wants to know what life beyond Earth looks like. How can we tell whether a neighboring exoplanet located 4 or 20 or 100 lightyears away from Earth is able to sustain life? At the NASA Astrobiology Institute Virtual Planetary Laboratory, Victoria and her team are developing computer models to understand how stars and planets interact to enable a planet to…

Happy birthday to Frank Drake!

On behalf of everyone at the SETI Institute, we want to take a moment to say happy birthday to Frank Drake! Known as the “father of SETI science,” Frank is the creator of the Drake Equation, which he wrote in 1961 to stimulate dialogue about the search for extraterrestrial intelligence: You can learn more about the Drake Equation here. Frank Drake made the first modern SETI experiment using…
Frank Drake and the Drake Equation

Drake Equation: 55 Years Old

Frank Drake had a problem. It was the fall of 1961, a year after his pioneering SETI experiment: Project Ozma. Using an 85-foot antenna in Green Bank, West Virginia, Drake had unfurled the intriguing possibility that we might find proof of intelligent beings by simply eavesdropping on their broadcasts. He had spent several weeks pointing his antenna at two nearby stars, tuning a simple receiver…