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Artists Imagine Trappist-1 in the SETI Institute’s Art Imaginarium

Artists Imagine Trappist-1 in the SETI Institute’s Art Imaginarium

Credits: Header image: Pascal Lee, SETI Institute. Gallery: Danielle Futselaar, Laura Spalinger, Sofie Shen, André De Coster, Adam Makarenko, Ton Haring

Last month the SETI Institute launched The Art Imaginarium, a new Facebook group dedicated to the space where art meets science. Today, we are pleased to share some of the wonderful work the members of the group have created so far.

Why art? Science and art are more closely connected than people might expect, with each offering new perspectives and insights. We’re building a global artistic community where everyone feels safe in expressing themselves and exploring the limits of their imaginations. We hope that this will be a space where people respect both the art and the science.

What is art? We do not want to constrain creativity. Want to write a song? Draw in pencil? Create digital art? Bake a cake? Use pasta and beans? Go for it. Each month, we provide members with a challenge theme. How they interpret that theme is entirely up to them. For April, that theme was the TRAPPIST-1 exoplanetary system.  

The results have been, to use a cliché, out of this world. We are sharing a small selection, with permission of the artists in the gallery below. Additionally, check out dancer/choreographer Gillian Rhodes’ contribution on YouTube.

In May, the Drake Equation is our artistic inspiration, in honor of Frank Drake’s 90th birthday. Please join the group and add to our growing family of SciArtists. (


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