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The Drake Award

The Drake Award

The SETI Institute’s 2018 Drake Award ceremony was held on June 14, 2018 at SRI International in Menlo Park. A lively crowd of over 100 gathered for wine and hors d'oeuvres, followed by a fascinating program exploring astrobiology and our ongoing mission to answer the question “Are we alone?”

This year’s award recipient was Victoria S. Meadows, Professor of Astronomy and Director of the Astrobiology Graduate Program at the University of Washington. Dr. Meadows' research includes theoretical modeling of terrestrial planetary environments; the generation and detectability of planetary biosignatures and false positives, and solar system planetary observations.

Other speakers and special guests included Bill Diamond (President & CEO, SETI Institute); Bill Borucki (Principal Investigator of NASA’s Kepler mission); Penelope Boston (Director of the NASA Astrobiology Institute); Nathalie Cabrol (Director of the Carl Sagan Center, SETI Institute); John Rummel (Science Advisory Board Chair, SETI Institute); Seth Shostak (Senior Astronomer, SETI Institute); Jill Tarter (Chair Emeritus for SETI Research, SETI Institute); and Frank Drake (astronomer, astrophysicist, SETI Institute Trustee Emeritus, and architect of the Drake equation for whom the award is named).

Thank you to all who attended!

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