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SETI's Plan Blueprint Unveiled by SETI Institute Summer Interns

SETI's Plan Blueprint Unveiled by SETI Institute Summer Interns

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For nearly two decades, the SETI Institute has been at the forefront of fostering young talent through its Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) summer research internship program. This initiative offers aspiring scholars the unique chance to engage in independent research projects, collaborating closely with SETI Institute scientists. 

This summer, 14 exceptional students delved into diverse projects, ranging from assisting in determining optimal lunar landing spots for NASA Artemis missions, deciphering water erosion patterns on Mars, leveraging machine learning for meteor and asteroid studies, exploring extremophile survival in extreme conditions, and the quest for radio technosignatures and beyond.

While showcasing their remarkable academic talent and contributing to scientific discourse through presentations at conferences and peer-reviewed journal publications, these talented students also infused creativity and fun into their experience. In a nod to educational and entertaining pursuits, this year's interns collaborated on an engaging video to demystify the Drake Equation and shed light on "SETI's Plan."



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