SETI Artists in Residence

Filipe Perez

SETI Artists-in-Residence Felipe Pérez Santiago to Perform at Montalvo Arts Center

The newest artist to join the SETI Artists-in-Residence (SETI AIR) program, Felipe Pérez Santiago, will perform at the Montalvo Arts Center as part of their Open Access Program on Friday, April 27. Felipe is a composer, arranger, guitarist, conductor and sound artist. Following the performance, he will be joined in conversation by SETI Institute President and CEO Bill Diamond, visual artist and…
Dario Robleto - The Pulse Armed With a Pen

Explode Everyday: An Inquiry into the Phenomena of Wonder

The SETI Artists in Residence (SETI AIR) seeks to open an exchange of ideas between artists and scientists, inspiring each and leading to new paths of understanding and expression. The SETI Institute’s mission is to explore, understand and explain the origin, nature and prevalence of life in the universe. Our artists provide a fresh perspective to help broaden awareness of the work being done by…