Bill Nye, the Science Guy and CEO of the Planetary Society, joins the SETI Institute at SETIcon, June 22 - 24

Bill Nye, the Science Guy and CEO of the Planetary Society, joins the SETI Institute at SETIcon, June 22 - 24

Mountain View, California –Bill Nye, famed as television’s “Science Guy,” will join scientists, writers, artists and sci-fi stars at SETIcon II, hosted by the SETI Institute. The Institute is known for its science-based search for evidence of life on distant worlds in its broad spectrum of astrobiology research. SETIcon will take place June 22 through 24 in the heart of the Silicon Valley at the Hyatt Santa Clara. Nye will kick-off a special “Luncheon with Scientists”, where attendees will dine with a SETI Institute scientist or two. Guests will hear Nye's remarks on the work of The Planetary Society, the SETI Institute and others joining forces to “save our science” in the face of Federal budget cuts to NASA’s planetary exploration program.

Tickets are available now and prices will increase on 6/4!

Nye’s organization, The Planetary Society, vigorously advocates for exploration of the solar system. While celebrating the upcoming landing of the “Curiosity” robotic science lab on Mars in August, Nye shares the widespread concern about the future of Mars exploration in the face of Federal budget cuts to NASA’s Planetary Science Division.

“We’re on the verge of great discoveries, maybe even the discovery of once-living, or still-living things on other worlds. We can’t stop now. There are only a handful of engineers and scientists who have the expertise to build spacecraft that can enter the Martian atmosphere, descend, and land safely. If those people are compelled to seek employment elsewhere, we may never get that knowledge and ability back. Let your voice be heard,” urges Nye.

Nye will join ex-Astronaut Mae Jemison and Pulitzer-prize winning-author Richard Rhodes on a panel to discuss the future of humans in space, titled “All Aboard the 100 Year Star Ship!” Recently, the U.S. military chose Mae Jemison's nonprofit foundation to receive half a million dollars in seed funding to help turn the 100-Year Starship, an interstellar mission, into reality. Star Trek's bold vision of the starship Enterprise manned by a diverse crew may no longer just be science fiction — especially with an astronaut heading the real-life project. The venture aims to lead the technological revolution needed for human space travelers to survive the long journey to distant stars. The SETI Institute has a permanent chair on the 100 Year Star Ship advisory board.

“SETIcon II is the event where the public will meet the scientists, artists and leaders who are engaged in the exploration of the universe and the search for life beyond Earth. Bill Nye brings a clear voice to the value of exploring other worlds in order to understand our own, and will be a key contributor to SETIcon II,” says Tom Pierson, CEO of the SETI Institute.

SETIcon will take place June 22 through 24 at the Santa Clara Hyatt Hotel, and will feature a celebrity banquet honoring Dr. Jill Tarter, the Bernard M. Oliver Chair for SETI, as well as a Sunday Brunch interview with Frank Drake, the Father of SETI. Tickets are available now at

Accredited journalists wanting to attend SETIcon can sign up for complimentary press registration with Curtis Sparrer at


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