Girls Go To Mars Activities, Videos, and PPT

Girls Go To Mars Activities, Videos, and PPT

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Girls Go To Mars (GGTM) is a set of activities designed to engage middle school girls in hands-on science. GGTM introduces NASA’s MAVEN Mission, which reached Mars on September 21, 2014 and began its study of the Martian atmosphere. Understanding Mars is accomplished both through activities that engage girls in understanding our planet’s atmosphere and with the Cadette Girl Scout Leadership's Journey Breathe: It’s Your Planet – Love It! 

The SETI Institute’s Center for Education and the Girl Scouts of Northern California’s Girls Go Tech collaborated on the development and field tests of the activities with Cadette Girl Scouts.

Girls Go To Mars Activities, Videos and PPTs

Girls Go to Mars Activities - Adult [Download All]

Girls Go to Mars Activities - Cadette [Download All]

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Girls Go To Mars Videos

MAVEN Mars Evolution (NASA)

Olympus Mons on Mars (BBC)

Death of a Planet (BBC)

Activity 2
Olympus Mons on Mars (BBC)

Activity 2 Extension
Girl Scouts: What Does a Scientist look like? (Girl Scouts)

Activity 3 
Raging Solar Wind (BBC) 

Activity 4
River Found on Earth and Mars (JPL)

River Channels on Mars (BBC)

Activity 5

The Electromagnetic Spectrum( NOVA PBS)

Global Warming (NASA)

Troop leaders: After completing at least 4 of the activities, contact the Northern California Girl Scout Council to obtain GGTM Patches for your Cadettes."
For additional help with the activities: Activity Tips for Leaders
Troops in the Girl Scouts of Northern California Council may check out program boxes that support these activities. 

For information go to: 


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