Frontier Development Lab Big Think


Tags: Frontier Development Lab, AI and Machine Learning

Time: Tuesday, Jan 29, 2019 -

Location: SETI Institute, Mountain View, CA

NASA FDL is a public / private partnership between the NASA Ames, the SETI Institute, and private sector partners, including Intel AI, Google AI, IBM, Nvidia, XPRIZE, Lockheed Martin, Kx, the Luxembourg Space Agency, and the Canadian Space Agency. FDL blends the expertise and capacity of academia while commercial partners bring insight and the vast computing resources necessary for rapid experimentation in developing AI tools in data intensive areas.
FDL’s special sauce is its interdisciplinary research teams, which are composed of subject specialists from the space sciences and specialists from the data sciences at the Ph.D. or post-doctoral level. The teams are handpicked by world-class experts and work together in an intensive sprint -- where years of research by an individual is packed into only 8 weeks.

The Big Think is an event that brings all the key stakeholders together with experts from artificial intelligence, NGO, and the space communities to help shape AI applications for humanitarian impact here on Earth.

Note: This event is by invitation only.