AI and Machine Learning

VB Summit 2018

, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Silicon Valley's only intimate AI event. Limited to 180 execs (VP and above). Focused on breakthrough results in AI & ML. Spanning across industries and functions.

Artificial Intelligence Helps Find New Fast Radio Bursts

New detections mark the first time that machine learning techniques have been used to directly detect a fast radio transient.  Successful application of
NASA FDL, Kx, and SETI Logos

Kx extends relationship with NASA Frontier Development Lab and the SETI Institute

London, UK (10 July 2018) Announcing today that the NASA Frontier Development Lab (FDL) will continue to use Kx’s analytics capabilities to build on its space research success in this summer’s mission.
SETI Institute and Frontier Development Lab

NASA FDL Leverages Public/Private Partnership to Push New Boundaries of Space Science with Artificial Intelligence

(Mountain View, CA, June 26, 2018) The NASA Frontier Development Lab (FDL) has announced it will apply artificial intelligence (AI) to four key space challenges.
space station

Presentations for the NASA’s 2017 Space Radiation Workshop Co-Sponsored by the SETI Institute Available Now

Last November, the SETI Institute co-sponsored NASA’s 2017 Space Radiation Workshop which was held at NASA Ames Research Center to explore ways to enable data-rich characterization, forecasting, and monitoring of space radiation environments.

Big Astronomy Begins: Searching for Exoplanets with AI

, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
To uncover the mysteries of the universe, astronomers are becoming greedy, making more observations than they can possibly analyze manually.
Frontier Development Lab

NASA FDL Developing New Approaches to Asteroid, Comet and Solar Threats Using AI

Mountain View, CA - Asteroid Day, June 30th - What do astrophysicist Steven Hawking, Queen guitarist Brian May and the country of Luxembourg have in common?
SETI Hackathon Group 2017

Machine Learning for SETI Hackathon

On June 10 and 11, 2017, the SETI Institute of Mountain View CA, invited data scientists and technologists to a hackathon called Machine Learning For SETI (ML4SETI).

Could This Be Humanity's Last Century?

OK, quick: Name a few important things that happened in the 11th century.