SETI Artists in Residence Director Charles Lindsay Update from China

SETI Artists in Residence Director Charles Lindsay Update from China

AIR Program Director Charles Lindsay is in China as part of  the “Future of Today / Future Folding” show

China Dispatch: SETI Institute AIR Program Director and interdisciplinary artist Charles Lindsay is in China, participating in the “Future of Today / Future Folding” show at the Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Museum along with his collaborator Shaoyu Su. Lindsay and Su made their curatorial debut to great acclaim in August with the “Xcelerator” group show at the Beijing Times Art Museum. “Future Folding” runs from September 16 through December 9th. “Xcelerator” is up through October 14th. Lindsay says: “From my viewpoint, there is no place more exciting to show today than in China. I’m a scifi lover, grappling with our perception of time, the implications of surfing front edge technology, and the psychological challenges of climate change. With its ancient history, early adopter culture, and intellectual curiosity, China provides a fast track environment for the contemporary art territory which the SETI AIR program is targeting. Plus the local artists are smart, generous, and fun loving.”  You can follow Charles Lindsay’s travels on Instagram at

JWST: NASA’s Amazing Next Generation Observatory


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The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has been called Hubble’s successor, and in terms of how it could revolutionize astronomy, perhaps it will earn that title. But JWST’s true lineage lies in the invisible realm of infrared astronomy, a type of light that can unlock the secrets of star birth, the chemistry of exoplanets, and the dawn of the age of galaxies. Meet JWST’s predecessors, get to know the beauty of the infrared sky, and see how JWST’s amazing design will change the way we see, and comprehend, our universe.


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