Unistellar Telescope against black background

What’s New with Unistellar?

Last year, the SETI Institute announced its exciting new partnership with Unistellar, a start-up developing the revolutionary new eVscope whose chief scientific officer is our very own Senior Planetary Astronomer
Black and white image of Pluto's Haze taken by New Horizons

Capturing a Snapshot of Pluto's Atmosphere with Unistellar's eVscope

Marseille and San Francisco, August 24th. Because Pluto is moving away from Earth, it is crucial that we take advantage of every opportunity we get to learn about the dwarf planet’s behavior and atmosphere.
Asteroid Impact Mission

Tracking Asteroids with the eVscope - Three Asteroids in two hours seen from San Francisco

Today is Asteroid Day—and in honor of that event, we want to highlight the eVscope’s huge potential to study asteroids, including ones that may someday present a threat to life on Earth.
Co-founders Arnaud Malvache operating the eVscope prototype at Marseille, Sombrero Galaxy (M104) taken from San Francisco, on May 17 2018, Sombrero Galaxy (M104) taken from Marseille, on May 14 2018

The Sombrero Galaxy As Seen From Cities

We’re happy to share with you an update from our partner, Unistellar.

International Astronomical Union: XXX General Assembly

, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
XXXth General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union
Unistellar telescope

SETI Institute-Unistellar Partnership Promises to Revolutionize Amateur Astronomy

July 18, 2017 Mountain View, CA, USA and Marseille, France — The SETI Institute and French startup Unistellar, announced a partnership today to commercialize a new telescope that promises to deliver an unparalleled view of the cosmos to amateur astronomers, and provide the opportunity to
Unistellar Staff

Report on an Occultation Near Marseille – First Scientific Result With the eVscope

Unistellar is proud to announce the first real scientific result obtained with our eVscope prototype.

Democratizing Astronomy One Child at a Time

The Unistellar team recently traveled to the Rift Valley in Kenya to participate in a unique and exciting outreach event with a new initiative called StarWatchForAll.