SETI Stars

Join the Constellation!

Whether the SETI Institute is engaging the public in scientific discussion, helping teachers integrate STEM learning in their classes, or sending our researchers to present at cutting-edge symposia, we can't do it without your help. Many of our donors signal their support for our remarkable work by becoming one of our valued SETI Stars monthly donors.

Monthly giving adds up - on both sides of the equation. Your dependable support helps our research, education, and outreach centers cover ongoing costs and plan ahead for success. Likewise, monthly donors enjoy the convenience and smooth cash flow that comes with an automatically recurring gift. Plus, many donors find it easier to give generously when they can spread their donations across the year.

Because monthly giving is so important to us, we offer SETI Stars special benefits. No matter what your gift level, if you make your donation monthly you will enjoy a "donor-benefits boost," granting you better access to VIP events and more.

For example, a donor who gives $10/month ($120/ yr) would regularly receive $100+ Satellite level benefits, but as a SETI Star gets a boost…and qualifies for the annual SETI Research Compendium at the $250+ Solar System level. Other SETI Star perks include:

  • a welcome kit with enrollment info & special announcements
  • a SETI Institute sticker, magnet, and bookmark to keep or share
  • invitations to SETI Stars-only events online and in the Bay Area
  • annual statement, detailing your 12-month giving

You can make your monthly gift online with your credit card or through PayPal. You can also direct your financial institution to send an automatic check to our offices; this choice is particularly valuable in that it incurs fewer fees. In addition, individuals who participate in automatic workplace giving programs to benefit the SETI Institute receive recognition as a SETI Star.

Please contact us at 650-961-6633 or if you have questions or need assistance setting up your monthly gift. If you are a current SETI Star and wish to increase the amount of your monthly donation, please click here. Thank you!