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SETI Stars

When you become a monthly donor, you join our mission to understand the nature and prevalence of life beyond Earth. SETI Stars provide consistent support for cutting-edge researchers, innovative STEM educators, and award-winning outreach programs.

This type of funding makes it so much easier for the SETI Institute to plan future endeavors. Plus, many donors prefer to spread their donations across the year for a bigger impact.

SETI Stars get special benefits like:

  • Invitations to exclusive events, including meet and greets with the likes of best-selling author Andy Weir.
  • A quarterly newsletter with behind-the scenes photos and commentary.
  • Annual ice cream social, SETI Star swag, and physical copy of the SETI Institute’s yearly magazine Explorer.

Jill Tarter co-founded the SETI Institute for those passionate about understanding whether we’re alone in the universe. Will you join us today?

Seetha Sharma

"I think that contact with another intelligent civilization would be the most important scientific discovery of our lifetimes. So, I decided to contribute what I could to further this important aspect of scientific exploration."

-Seetha Sharma

Ken Lim

"I believe science and space exploration are required to fulfill humankind's destiny to become space explorers, miners, and citizens of other planets and moons… And why pay $9 for coffee when you could help find ET? What could be bigger?"

-Ken Lim

Mark Schindler

"There are only a few big questions. One of them is, "Are we alone?" SETI is the due diligence of the human race trying to answer that question."

-Mark Schindler

Margaret Reeb

"I became a SETI Star because understanding whether life exists beyond Earth is one of the most important pursuits of our time."

-Margaret Reeb