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SETI AIR Newsletter - July 2022 - Summer Playlist

SETI AIR Newsletter - July 2022 - Summer Playlist

SETI AIR July 2022




Bettina Forget

Our SETI AIRs have been busy composing and performing music, exhibiting artworks, and presenting artist talks. In this issue of SETI AIR News we’ve put together a video playlist of our AIR’s recent works featuring a selection of space-themed music and “brain food” documentaries.

Get ready to be inspired and delighted by our SETI AIR Summer Playlist,



SETI AIR Summer Playlist




Felipe Perez Santiago


Piece for Cello, Electronics, and Video
Composer: Felipe Pérez Santiago
Cello: Jeffrey Zeigler


DJ Daedelus Live on KEXP


DJ set (Live on KEXP)

A special live show in the Willem Twee studios for FAQ Festival


Modern Music for Piano 4

Mike von der Nahmer

Modern Music for Piano 4: Contemporary Collection, Vol. 15

Composer and mixer: Mike von der Nahmer
Piano: Xander Rovang

Psychogramm: Movement I

Psychogramm: Movement II

Psychogramm: Movement III

Psychogramm: Movement IV



Brain Food


Xin Liu

Xin Liu

A Wisdom Tooth Flown to Space

Having her wisdom tooth flown to the space, catching satellite signals with a tool made from a broom - Liu Xin, a post-90s girl born in Xinjiang, has been exploring space in a unique way.


Daniela de Paulis

Daniela de Paulis

Mare Incognito

Mare Incognito is an interdisciplinary project directed by media artist Daniela de Paulis and culminating in the film recording of a live performance during which the brain activity of deep sleep is transmitted into space in real time.


Jonathon Keats

Jonathon Keats

River Time

by Filmmaker Ethan Payne

What if the river were a clock? Atlanta River Time engages Georgia’s Chattahoochee and South Rivers to regulate a new kind of clock which speeds up and slows down with the waters.


Art Thinking

Scott Kildall

Art Thinking

Artist Scott Kildall takes us through Art Thinking, a methodology of exploration & discovery that results in the creation of art.





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