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SETI AIR Newsletter - February 2023

SETI AIR Newsletter - February 2023

SETI AIR Newsletter




Bettina Forget

This edition of SETI AIR news tunes in to our program’s artists who work with sound, composition, and acoustics. In his presentation about the applications of sonification, sound researcher and music therapist Mike von der Nahmer explains how connecting music and data enhances our understanding of the world. In our most recent SETI Live, composer Felipe Pérez Santiago looks back on the Earthling Project, for which he crowdsourced songs from around the world to create a musical “selfie” of planet Earth. Trailblazing musician and DJ Daedelus fuse technology and sound, and are best known for their experimental live performances - check out the “Events” section for more details.

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Artist Profile - A Closer Look


“Music can change the experience of visual information.” ~ Mike von der Nahmer

Future Applications for Music, Sonification and Soundscapes for Space Travel

Mike von der Nahmer’s art project with the SETI AIR program focuses on the connection between sound, data, and consciousness. Mike recently gave a fascinating presentation at the International Space University where he outlined his current Ph.D research into data sonification. Mike is developing a system for air traffic controllers that enhances visual data with musical soundscapes. By pairing visual and acoustic information, Mike aims to guide the controller’s attention and thereby enhance comprehension and decision making.

Mike von der Nahmer
Future Applications for Music, Sonification and Soundscapes for Space Travel
International Space University





SETI Live: The Earthling Project - Songs for Outer Space

A conversation with composer Felipe Pérez Santiago about the Earthling Project, which collected songs from people around the world to create musical compositions representing humanity.


SETI AIR Artist News & Events


Performance poster


Sonia & People of Rhythm Presents
Luke Vibert, Posthuman, Daedelus, DJ Warp

Middle East Restaurant and Club, 
Cambridge, MA, USA
March 23, 2023 • 8:00pm



Library of the Great Silence by Jonathon Keats - Padlock

Jonathon Keats

The Library of the Great Silence - Cambridge Branch

Cambridge University
Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities
Cambridge CB3 9DP, United Kingdom
March 17 - April 2023



Scott Kildall

Exotopia: TOI-1452 b
Tickets go on sale for the second edition of the Exotopia sci-fi storytelling experience on March 1, 2023




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