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SETI AIR Newsletter - December 2021

SETI AIR Newsletter - December 2021

SETI AIR Newsletter December 2021




Bettina Forget

The approach of the winter solstice is typically accompanied by festivities that involve lights, feasting, and music. It is also the season to delight your family and friends with gifts. If you’re still on the hunt for something special, the December edition of the SETI AIR newsletter has got you covered. Our artists in residence have authored inspiring, thought-provoking books that would make a wonderful addition to any bookshelf; you’ll find a selection below. You may also want to delve into the music section to discover our AIR’s latest releases ranging from chamber music to electronica. 

Most importantly - don’t forget to get a gift to yourself!

Wishing you a joyful holiday season and a fantastic start to the New Year,



On the SETI AIR Bookshelf


Carbon by Charles Lindsay

Charles Lindsay


This is the book that launched the SETI AIR program! Charles Lindsay explores the micro- and macrocosms of the universe through the most elemental components of photography: surface, emulsion, and light. Foreword by Jill Tarter. 

Available at Minor Matters Books.

Recipes for the Mind by Charles Lindsay

Charles Lindsay

Recipes for the Mind

Charles Lindsay’s most recent book of poems and photographs reveal a life on the move, from nature to the machine and beyond. 

Available at Terra Nova Press.

Silk Poems by Jen Bervin

Jen Bervin

Silk Poems

Jen Bervin mixes poetry with medical technology in the form of a silk bio-sensor. Silk Poems explores the cultural, scientific, and linguistic complexities of silk written at nanoscale inside the body.

Available at Nightboat Books.

You belong to the Universe by Jonathon Keats

Jonathon Keats 

You Belong to the Universe:
Buckminster Fuller and the Future

Jonathon Keats’ compelling book calls to apply Buckminster Fuller's creative problem-solving approach to present-day issues.

Available at Oxford University Press.

Out of the Everywhere by Brittany Nelson

Brittany Nelson 

Out of the Everywhere 

This art book featuring Brittany Nelson’s work include essays discussing the artist’s focus on queer abstraction, the politics of representation, feminist science fiction, space travel, and isolation.

Available at Mousse Publishing.


On the SETI AIR Playlist


Daedelus  - Holy Water Over Sons


Holy Water Over Sons 

By Joshua Idehen and Daedelus. 

Holy Water Over Sons is a powerful yet vulnerable collection of poems contemplating life as a black man, and protest – made vivid on platforms of otherworldly, future electronics.

Available on Bandcamp.

DXTR Spits - Pack of Dank

DXTR Spits

Pack of Dank

Follow the whimsical adventures through DXTR Spits brain as he realizes the depths of his battles with mental health, relationship turmoil, and societal stressors (symbolically represented by a Rubik's cube).

Available on

Formika by Felipe Pérez Santiago

Felipe Pérez Santiago 


A collection of chamber music that spans a lifetime of composition and artistic development through the eyes of the Mexican born musician and composer Felipe Pérez Santiago.

Available on



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