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Call for Applications to NASA Frontier Development Lab

Call for Applications to NASA Frontier Development Lab

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April 27, 2017, Mountain View, CA – NASA Frontier Development Lab (FDL) announced the addition of new teams to its eight-week applied research accelerator hosted by the SETI Institute. To fill those teams, the new deadline will be May 19, 2017.

FDL is supported by leaders in AI from the private sector, including IBM, Intel and Autodesk. The program brings teams of experts in space sciences together with specialists in machine learning for an intense workshop focused on topics important to NASA – and to the future of humanity.

FDL is looking for doctorate or postdoc space science researchers or machine learning experts to work on one of this year’s challenge areas: 

  • Planetary Defense: Near-Earth Object 3D shape modeling or Comet detection
  • Space Weather: Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) or Solar-Terrestrial Interactions
  • Space Resources: Lunar Water or Asteroid Prospecting

The format encourages rapid iteration and prototyping to create outputs with meaningful application, papers and conference posters. All participants are paid, housed at NASA Ames and provided transportation. 

The 2017 8-week program is still accepting qualified participants and will run from June 26 to August 18, 2017. Applications will be accepted until the closing date of May 19, 2017. Early application is encouraged.

To learn more about FDL and submit your application, visit

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Contact information

James Parr – Frontier Development Lab
Phone: 503-730-9355

Bill Diamond – SETI Institute
Phone: 650-960-4510


Twitter: @NASA_FDL@SETIInstitute, #nasafdl


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