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The Drake Award

This year’s award recipient was Victoria S. Meadows, Professor of Astronomy and Director of the Astrobiology Graduate Program at the University of Washington. Dr. Meadows' research includes theoretical modeling of terrestrial planetary environments; the generation and detectability of planetary biosignatures and false positives, and solar system planetary observations. Other speakers and special…
Nathalie and Claudia

Planetary Lake Lander

The Planetary Lake Lander is a project that will develop an adaptive probe as well as exploration strategies to explore the lakes of Titan, while monitoring the impact of deglaciation on terrestrial lake habitat and biodiversity in the Chilean Andes. In turn, results from this investigation are expected to provide insights into habitability and life potential on Mars during similar geological…
ATA aerial

Allen Telescope Array Gallery

These images of the Allen Telescope Array can be used for free without requesting permission.  Credit should be “Seth Shostak/SETI Institute”.    For higher-resolution versions, please inquire at