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Navy UFO Videos Now Official

Navy UFO Videos Now Official

CAPTION: Frame from the Navy videos and an FLIR wing-mounted camera.
Frame from the Navy videos and an FLIR wing-mounted camera.



They’re baaaaaack. The perplexing gun-sight camera recordings made by U.S. Navy pilots in 2004 and 2015, possibly showing UFOs that might be extraterrestrial craft, have now been officially released. 

Why now? Well, the Navy says it wants the public to know that the videos, at least, are real. It further wants to assure us that these short films don’t compromise any sensitive military capabilities – in case you were worried about that.

Mind you, these videos were already public a long time ago. They were featured on the front page of the New York Times in December, 2017. Consequently you may be saying to yourself, “so what?” It’s akin to when CERN leaked the discovery of a new particle (the Higgs boson) in advance of its official press conference. By the time of the public announcement, the story wasn’t exactly stale. But it was a tad dry.

So this announcement from the Department of Defense isn’t exactly breaking news. Whether the videos have been affixed with an official U.S. Navy seal or not, the question is “what do they really show?” Spend the minute or so it takes to watch, and you’ll see a perplexing peanut-shaped object that mostly stays centered in the frame, but sometimes drifts and twists. 

Lots of explanations have been offered. Some people think these are autonomous vehicles, which is to say drones (friendly or otherwise.) Others – perhaps because they’re already fond of the idea that aliens are skimming the oceans in their hi-tech vehicles – will say that these videos are solid proof that the extraterrestrials are here.

But let’s be candid; no one seems to know what these things are. I mean, the Navy has a lot of brain power (I reckon 1.2 million pounds worth), and if the experts can’t come to a conclusion on this, that should tell you that a trivial explanation is probably – too trivial.

One thing that strikes me as significant is that the videos were made from one type of fighter aircraft – F/A-18 Super Hornets – and with one type of wing camera, a so-called FLIR (Forward Looking InfraRed.) Of course, that’s the type of equipment the Navy was flying. But ask yourself this: If each time motorists driving 2020 Buick Enclaves saw hairy hominids trampling the underbrush as they rode through the forests of northern Oregon, you might fairly ask “what is it about those Buicks?”

Maybe there’s something about those FLIR cameras, or their deployment on the Hornets. Maybe.

But unless some other evidence is thrown into this stew – such as satellite imagery or reliable and repeated photos from ships or commercial aircraft – I’m not very inclined to think that these videos are convincing evidence of alien presence. The question of extraterrestrial intelligence is important. The proof for their existence has got to be better than this.

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