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Geological Association of Canada Awards E.R. Ward Neale Medal to Mika McKinnon

Geological Association of Canada Awards E.R. Ward Neale Medal to Mika McKinnon

Mika McKinnon

The Geological Association of Canada has awarded its E.R. Ward Medal to SETI Institute researcher Mika McKinnon. McKinnon is recognized  “for innovative, engaging, and impactful communication of the Earth sciences, particularly geophysics and disaster preparedness, across media including print, radio, television, movies, and social media.”

At the SETI Institute, McKinnon is the co-investigator, and public engagement lead for Project ESPRESSO, a consortium of seven partner institutions dedicated to enabling and enhancing future solar system exploration by developing tools and techniques exploders will need. McKinnon provides expertise in terrestrial landslides and hazard management to characterize the surfaces of extraterrestrial objects like asteroids, comets and moons.

“Neat rocks and the weather are common ground for sparking curiosity,” said McKinnon. “I want to help people embrace that curiosity, to help them feel safe exploring and find joy in the world with them.”

The Neale Medal recognizes McKinnon’s extraordinary science communications efforts to explain Earth science to the public in print, radio, television, movies and social media. She has served as a science consultant on TV shows, including Stargate and Star Trek. She lectures widely in formal and informal contexts, writes for popular publications, and shares her knowledge widely through social media.

In addition, McKinnon previously consulted with US FEMA on how clear science communications can support better disaster preparedness and response and was a UN delegate for hazard and risk reduction.

For full details about the Neale Medal, click here.


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