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"Explorer Magazine" is Back!

"Explorer Magazine" is Back!

Explorer Magazine

The SETI Institute’s Explorer Magazine is back after an extended hiatus! Learn about all the groundbreaking work that happens at the SETI Institute, including scientific research, STEM and space science education and public outreach. Some highlights from this issue include:

NASA Frontier Development Lab (FDL): In the summer of 2016 the SETI Institute hosted the first FDL workshop, a six-week research accelerator that put teams of data and planetary scientists together to address knowledge gaps in planetary defense and space exploration, using machine learning. We’re about to begin the second year of this successful summer program and take a look back at what we’ve achieved so far.

Machine Learning and SETI: A look at how we’re applying machine learning to SETI signals observed by the Allen Telescope Array (ATA) to more efficiently categorize and analyze the vast number of recorded signals.

Mars on Earth: We explore Mars analog site Devon Island with SETI Institute scientist Pascal Lee who studies its geology and microbiology, and tests new technologies and strategies for exploring Mars.

Reaching for the Stars with the Girl Scouts: The SETI Institute has teamed up with NASA to bring space-science themed STEM activities to the Girl Scouts. We recently developed and delivered Eclipse boxes to Girl Scouts throughout the country that included educational information, projects, and eclipse glasses to be used during this summer’s total solar eclipse in August.

This is just a taste. You can see the digital version of Explorer here. And if you’re interested in receiving a printed version of Explorerclick here to let us know and give us your mailing address.

We’d also love to know what you think! Email us your questions, comments and ideas for future issues of Explorer

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