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Expedition to the Total Eclipse of the Sun, Day 6

Expedition to the Total Eclipse of the Sun, Day 6

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Bill Diamond, SETI Institute CEO, along with colleagues and scientists, is on their way on an expedition to see the total eclipse of the Sun happening on December 4, 2021.

On this 6th day of the expedition, Bill gives us a tour of the glacial ice around the Drygalski Fjord in South Georgia Island and gives us an update on their progress.

Follow us on these daily vlogs and join in on this once in a lifetime experience.

Images from Bill Diamond on this day:

all images credit: Bill Diamond.

Research team engineer

Research team engineer calibrating spectrometer stabilizing platform...

Dr. Shadia Habbal

Dr. Shadia Habbal speaking on board ship about her team's research and the upcoming eclipse.

Snowy Shore

Snowy Mountains

Bill Diamond

Ice on the water

Track Bill's location on this adventure here.

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Interview with Dr. Shadia Habbal on the purpose of this expedition:

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