FDL Space Science and AI Showcase

Public talks

Tags: Frontier Development Lab, AI and Machine Learning

Time: Friday, Aug 14, 2020 -

Location: Online

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FDL is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in applied AI for space science and exploration, for all Humankind.

About this Event
Join us LIVE for the FDL US Space Science & AI Showcase in partnership with NASA and the SETI Institute for a 2-hour celebration of the application of cutting edge AI in space science and exploration.

When: Friday 14 August

Time: 12:00 - 14:00 PT / 15:00 - 16:00 ET / 20:00 - 22:00 BST

We are excited to be able to share work tackling the following questions:

Astronaut Health

  • Can ML help us understand the causal processes underlying cancer progression on Earth and during interplanetary space missions?


Earth Science

  • Can we use ML to identify all water streams at a continental scale, potentially unlocking leading indicators of impending droughts?
  • How might we provide better tornado warnings to meteorologists using lightning data? 
  • Can we create physics-constrained, local visualizations of future flooding to assist in climate resilience and disaster preparedness? 
  • Can we develop new methods to make ‘AI priori’ discoveries in peta-scale data?  



  • Can we use ML to predict the interactions of the solar environment on our technology infrastructure? 
  • What if we could use ML to capture the fleeting signals of ‘star spots’ on distant stars? 


Planetary Science 

  • How might we use ML to improve lunar polar imagery to support NASA’s future missions? 

FDL US Space Science & AI Showcase will be streamed live on YouTube and the SETI Institute’s Facebook channel, but we are also inviting space agency stakeholders, partners and the FDL community to participate and join for the first-ever virtual FDL US Space Science & AI Showcase.

Proceedings include

  • Introductions from FDL partners and challenge stakeholders
  • Short ‘TED Style’ presentations of the work of FDL 2020
  • Audience participation in determining FDL’s annual innovation awards


Most Useful Contribution (Audience choice)
Most Dramatic Pivot (Audience choice)
Unexpected Discovery (Audience choice)
Heroic Comeback (Faculty award)
Collaborative Spirit (Faculty award)