Exotopia - Voyage to TOI-1452B


Tags: AIR, SETI Artists in Residence

Time: Tuesday, May 02, 2023

Location: Mission to Exoplanet TOI-1452B

Exotopia, a project by SETI Artist-in-residence, Scott Kildall,  is an experimental sci-fi storytelling experience, which invites you to join imaginary voyages to study alien life on real exoplanets in our galaxy.

Each journey uses actual scientific data from the SETI Institute to imagine where extraterrestrial life could actually exist. Exotopia’s third voyage takes us to TOI-1452b, a likely waterworld might, which might harbor viable biological life.

Your mission is to collect as much data about the planet, and report back about its viability for future expeditions. Who knows what adventures lie in store for you?

This voyage's sci-fi writer is Rebecca A. Demarest, an an award-winning author, book designer, and teacher, who calls Seattle her home and she has provided us with branching narratives with different possibilities, where each person gets a unique story with four different character possibilities.

During this 30 day journey your unique space adventure will use AI-generated images to illustrate the storytelling experience. You might be the captain, a scientist, on the support team or someone else entirely.

Tickets are $19 each and we have limited seats available.  You can view your adventure on a mobile device or on a laptop.

Check out the Voyage Board and buy your ticket now.