Center for Outreach

The SETI Institute has always believed that science is not just for scientists.

Sharing our research and enthusiasm for scientific discovery with the public has been an important goal of the SETI Institute since its founding.

Outreach activities take place every day online, in the real world, and over the airwaves. Some of these include:

  • Our website provides information about the SETI Institute and an overview of the work we do, but also regular updates about ongoing research projects and news about scientific discoveries.
  • SETI Talks: A monthly public lecture series that showcases research relevant to astrobiology from prominent scientists both within and outside the SETI Institute and shared across multiple digital channels.
  • Journey: Monthly e-newsletter highlighting the latest news from the SETI Institute.
  • Explorer: Annual magazine featuring in-depth articles about the groundbreaking work of the SETI Institute including scientific research, STEM and space science education and public outreach.
  • Facebook Live: Weekly live event on Facebook featuring SETI Institute researchers and program staff explaining the work they do and fielding questions from the audience.
  • Big Picture Science: General science radio program and podcast carried on more than 140 radio stations nationwide and tackling subjects ranging from astronomy to zoology with lively and intelligent storytelling. Big Picture Science is hosted by SETI Institute Fellow and Senior Astronomer Seth Shostak.
  • Public Talks: Our staff give more than 100 talks a year at schools, museums, and other organizations.
  • The SETI Institute has been a proud co-sponsor of the Silicon Valley Astronomy Lectures for many years.
  • Social Media: We not only share the news and activities of the day on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, but invite the public to join the conversation.