Zeinab Alhashemi

AIR Alum

Conceptual Artist

Born and based in Dubai, Zeinab Alhashemi is a conceptual artist and designer specializing in site-specific installations and experimental art. Having graduated from Zayed University with a BA in Arts and Science, Alhashemi specialized in Multimedia Design, and has since become known for her large scale contemporary sight-specific installations. Zeinab began her SETI AIR term in 2019. The Lucas Artists Residency at Montalvo is co-hosting her residency.

Alhashemi is fascinated with capturing the transformation of the UAE following the country’s construction and industrial booms from her own perspective. She examines the contrast as well as interdependence that came to exist between the abstract, geometric shapes of urbanism and the organic form associated with her country’s natural landscape. Since Alhashemi’s childhood, the familiarity of traditional scenery and nature was largely disturbed to facilitate the rise of the man-made. In her experimental installations, in search of a new identity appropriate to the modern condition, the artist deconstructs the viewer’s understanding of their surroundings and introduces an alternative point of view, creating a new perception of the reality.


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Science Collaborator


My interest to understand myself and the world around me took me to on a journey of discovering the codes of creation which lead me to geometry. Geometric shapes and pattern that exist in nature and everywhere around us on a micro and macro scale. From the Fibonacci sequence, to the Mandelbrot, and DaVinci code, sacred geometry in holy temples, churches, and Muqarnas in the Muslim mosques. Mankind had explored geometry in may outstanding ways, it is alway been associated as Godly.The intelligence of the human mind shows that geometry has been applied in all kinds of arts and sciences but there is always room for more discovery.

I have been exploring with geometry and applying it in my work visually. As a universal language that can bring in more harmony to our lives.

To include SETI program as part of the on going research of geometrical behavior on earth and in space focusing on the (Birth Portal) Vesica Piscis. And potentially invite SETI- AIR to participate in the coming EXPO2021 DUBAI in the sustainability pavilion program.

To setup a panel talk, remotely or a physical platform that can cover related topics of Arts & Science. A discussion that has started but will require more efforts  from different parties.


Fabrication is at final stages, due to COVID19 there has been delay in installing and process had been very slow. The sculpture is ready to install in the allocated location, but has not been tested for movement and programming.