Alfred Darlington (DAEDELUS)

Artist in Residence


Under the alias Daedelus, Alfred Darlington has been active in electronic music for the past 20 years, releasing over 20 LPs and countless EPs and remixes for labels such as Brainfeeder and Ninjatune. They have collaborated with a variety of artists including DJ Shadow, Diplo, Kimbra, Saul Williams, Death Cab for Cutie, and Flying Lotus. As a performer, Alfred has played over 1,000 live shows on 6 continents, at venues ranging from underground events like the seminal Low End Theory to festival mainstages such as Coachella. Alfred received a degree in music from USC, where they studied jazz double-bass. As of 2019 they are an assistant professor for the Berklee College of Music in Boston as a founding faculty member of the new EDI (Electronic Digital Instrument) program. Daedelus has been at the forefront of many performance techniques, from working with early prototypical Monome controllers to cutting edge modular systems plus A/V shows that are robotic, volumetric, and interactive.

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Unearthed is an aloud experience of immersion into SETI's iconic search. Found sound sourced from space, brought down to earth. "Unearthed" uses the humble cellphone to create ambisonics for an immersive SETI sonification. An analogy to the Allen Telescope Array's pseudo-random arrangement, a throw of phones create a sound experience you can gaze through.