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High-tech problems? Go low!

3 weeks 5 days ago
Many of LaserSETI’s parts are challenging to print, simply due to the required function of the part and the limitations of Fused Deposition Manufacturing (FDM), aka 3D printing. We’d worked out most of the kinks in the original design of the parts, but one has been giving us trouble. This is the bracket that holds […]

Part Party

2 months 1 week ago
As you know if you’ve been following LaserSETI for a while, we’ve got 10 new instruments we’re building and there’s a lot that goes into them. It takes 27 days of continuous 3D-printing to make all the parts for just 1 instrument–assuming the printer ran continuously, which it can’t unfortunately. After months of printing steadily, […]

Good night, Hawaii!

2 months 3 weeks ago
It seems things are slowly returning to normal on Haleakala. The power has been more stable <knocks on wood> and this is the second night in a row of those gorgeous clear skies. We’ve got a lot of observing time to make up! We’ve also got an exciting announcement coming up about data from Maui. […]

Brief but Good!

3 months ago
No less than 75 days after a large storm hit Maui, we heard from the instruments on Haleakala today! The storm knocked out both power and fiber to the summit and it’s been a long and bumpy road getting power and connectivity back. The turmoil caused all sorts of secondary damage: breakers, generators, routers–all had […]
43 minutes 26 seconds ago
LaserSETI Updates
All the Ski, All the Time
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