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2022 SETI Forward Award Applications are Open!

2022 SETI Forward Award Applications are Open!

Lew Levy and the 2021 SETI Forward Recipients
Lew Levy and the 2021 SETI Forward Recipients

The deadline for SETI Forward applications is September 5, 2022.

The SETI Forward award recognizes outstanding undergraduates engaged in astrobiology and/or technosignature research. Recipients receive a stipend to support their continued studies and can use the funds to attend scientific conferences, network with scientists or travel related to an internship in their field.

Past recipients have studied pulsars, worked to understand the secrets of prebiotic chemistry, tested new radio astronomy instrumentation and more. They are also now working towards advanced degrees, particpating in additional research programs and working on developing new technologies. Awards such as SETI Forward help make it possible for the next generation of scientists to receive training, pursue educational opportunities, connect with a professional network and more.
Qualifications for award recipients are:

  • Intern must have completed an undergraduate internship and related project. The project is deemed complete if the intern carried out the project to its logical conclusion and the mentor considers the work to have been appropriately carried out.
  • Ability to connect their internship and related project to fundamental questions in SETI and/or Astrobiology; and their intention to pursue a career in SETI or astrobiology.
  • Intern must be an undergraduate in good standing at the time of their internship and throughout the award period. The applicant may graduate during/after completion of their internship, assuming the internship was intended as an undergraduate program and was completed in the last 12 months.
  • Award recipients must have demonstrated to their mentor a willingness to share information and “pay things forward.”

The SETI Institute is grateful to our SETI Forward Champions, SETI Institute Trustee, Dane Glasgow, and member of the SETI Institute’s Council of Advisors, Lou Levy for establishing and supporting this important award.

Find more information and details about how to apply, here.



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