What's it like to work on LaserSETI?

What's it like to work on LaserSETI?

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LaserSETI is a network of high-resolution cameras that monitor for laser flashes originating outside our solar system. Advanced civilizations could use lasers to communicate and propel spacecraft. LaserSETI is one of the projects participating in Giving Day.

You can learn more about Giving Day here.


JWST: NASA’s Amazing Next Generation Observatory


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The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has been called Hubble’s successor, and in terms of how it could revolutionize astronomy, perhaps it will earn that title. But JWST’s true lineage lies in the invisible realm of infrared astronomy, a type of light that can unlock the secrets of star birth, the chemistry of exoplanets, and the dawn of the age of galaxies. Meet JWST’s predecessors, get to know the beauty of the infrared sky, and see how JWST’s amazing design will change the way we see, and comprehend, our universe.


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