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What has been going on at the SETI Institute in 2021?

What has been going on at the SETI Institute in 2021?

Explorer Magazine 2021

Many people are surprised at the scope of the scientific research, educational programming, and outreach activities that are going on at the SETI Institute. In the latest issue of Explorer Magazine, you can explore some of the projects we’ve been working on in 2021.

At the SETI Institute, we are trying to answer one question, but from many different perspectives: Are we alone? More than 85 scientists from nearly every scientific discipline are redefining the search for life in the universe and leading the way to develop research applications for the latest technologies, including AI.

In addition to conducting world-class science, we’re committed to fostering the next generation of scientists through our education programs and sharing our discoveries in person, online, and over the airwaves every day.

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