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Thank You From the SETI Institute

Thank You From the SETI Institute

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To all of you in our SETI Institute family,

I know these are challenging times for all of us, and we hope that you and your community are managing as best you can.

Today I simply say thank you!  COVID-19 is affecting us all, and like most non-profit organizations, the SETI Institute is feeling some impacts.  But, thanks to you, there's good news as well. We recently received several anonymous gifts, and this reminded me of how important it is to acknowledge all of our supporters, particularly now.  If you've supported the SETI Institute, I want you to know how appreciative we are!

And it’s not just me – all of us at the SETI Institute are grateful for your support.

We will continue to pursue our mission and to search for life beyond Earth. And to our anonymous donors, whom we cannot thank any other way, please know that we sincerely appreciate your support!

Bill Diamond
President & CEO
SETI Institute

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