STAR Program

STEM Teacher and Researcher (Star) Program

The SETI Institute participates in the California State University and the Department of Energy national research laboratories' STEM Teacher and Researcher (STAR) Program for aspiring and early career science teacher summer research program.

The SETI Institute, a non-profit private scientific research institution located in California’s Silicon Valley, invites you to apply for a summer Research Experience for Undergraduates program for highly motivated students interested in astrobiology research. Students will work with scientists at the SETI Institute or at the nearby NASA Ames Research Center on projects spanning the field of astrobiology from microbiology to observational astronomy.

Students will also participate in local field trips to places like the California Academy of Sciences and other nearby locations of scientific interest, and attend seminars, lectures, and discussions on astrobiology. At the end of the summer project presentations are given.

Three main research areas will be emphasized, with projects including:

    * Biochemistry and the Origin and Evolution of Life on Earth
          o Biologically accessible carbon
          o UV resistant microbes 
    * Planetary Science and the Search for Life in the Solar System
          o Europa geology
          o Mars geomorphology and spectroscopy 
    * Astronomy and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)
          o Meteor showers and their parent comets
          o SETI and radio astronomy

STAR projects will be similar to the REU projects detailed at

Applications and program details at

Check out this video by 2023 STAR Student Christine Bui, "Creating a Library for Space Civilization Seekers"

For more information contact:
Pamela Harman