Srinivasa Vedanarayanan

Srinivasa Vedanarayanan

Senior Software Engineer, Netflix.
Member of the SETI Institute Council of Advisors.

“Srini” is a software engineer by profession and at heart. “I love fixing things, and theorizing efficient solutions for worldly and other-worldly problems.”  He was born and raised in India, and spent most of his youth studying math, physics, computer science and playing cricket.  His passion to help find life outside planet Earth was sparked on a fateful day when he skipped school to watch the movie, Contact.

After earning his Bachelors of Engineering in CS and CE at Anna University, his desire to explore the world and learn more drove him to the US where he earned an MS in Computer Engineering at the University of Cincinnati, after which, as so many software engineer do, he moved to the Bay Area.  Srini also pursued and earned a management degree certificate with the Harvard Business School.

Srini currently writes software for Netflix to help personalize its home page.  Along the way, he has published 2 technical papers, holds 2 patents and helped found an education-focused start-up in India.  He is fluent in 5 languages including English.

Srini describes three major life goals:

  1. Help push the boundaries of transportation to the likes of Hyperloop (“I currently take 24 hr flights to India with a toddler!”)
  2. Interplanetary sustainable travel ( he is a huge fan of Elon Musk)
  3. Converse with at least one ET in my lifetime.

I truly believe In the words of Carl Sagan - “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.”