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SETI Institute Pioneers Call for a New Astronomy

SETI Institute Pioneers Call for a New Astronomy

Starry Sky and Milky Way - ferguscross1 via Twenty20

The SETI Institute has signed onto a call for a New Astronomy, a more inclusive and engaging approach to promote science literacy and accelerate the search for life beyond Earth.

The SETI Institute has endorsed the Call for a New Astronomy presented at the SXSW Space Rush Summit.

“The SETI Institute is joining a consortium that will include research institutes, academic institutes, private industry partners and citizen astronomers, to organize a worldwide conference to bring astronomy to a broader audience,” said Bill Diamond, SETI Institute President & CEO.  “Astronomy, space exploration and the question of life in the Universe are compelling platforms for public engagement and through the initiative we plan to launch new global programs to promote science literacy, accelerate research and build more popular support for, and trust in science.”

The SETI Institute has pioneered citizen science-focused programs in the past with the contribution of scientists in ground-breaking projects. These include Planet Hunters, which searches for exoplanets in the TESS data and instrumentation-focused programs like the CAMS, which allows people to build and host an AllSky Meteor Surveillance station, and Unistellar, so everybody can contribute meaningfully to astronomy to support NASA missions like TESS or LUCY.

“We have entered a pivotal moment in technology when everybody can contribute meaningfully to science,” said Franck Marchis, Senior Astronomer at the SETI Institute and Chief Scientific Officer at Unistellar. “With this call, we propose to create a more efficient astronomy, more inclusive and open to as many people as possible, creating global collaboration. While we have not yet found planet B, we are in this together with one world and one sky. “

For more information about the New Astronomy, and to sign the Call, please visit



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