SETI Institute to Join the Girl Scouts this Summer at Pine Mountain Observatory Camp

SETI Institute to Join the Girl Scouts this Summer at Pine Mountain Observatory Camp

The SETI Institute’s Reaching for the Stars: NASA Science for Girl Scouts (also known as Girl Scout Stars) program heads to Central Oregon’s Pine Mountain Observatory this summer.

Pine Mountain Observatory
Pine Mountain Observatory (PMO), in the beautiful Deschutes National Forest of Central Oregon

Ten Girl Scouts from throughout the United States will participate in an Astronomy Adventure this July. They’ll learn how to operate telescopes, participate in solar and dark sky observations, collect and analyze data, camp, and more.

“This is an exceptional opportunity to embrace the Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington and Pine Mountain Observatory into our scope of work,” said Pamela Harman, Acting Director of Education at the SETI Institute. “The local Girl Scout council will deliver an excellent camping experience, the Observatory will deliver dark skies and observing opportunities and the SETI Institute will lead the girls through activities they can take home to their local troops and councils.”

Exposing girls to STEM fields is vital to getting them interested in STEM careers in the future, and space science is a great opportunity to foster a lifetime love of the cosmos.

Through the Girl Scout Stars program, the SETI Institute and its partners are developing space science badges for girls at every Girl Scout program level as a pathway for girls to develop a lifetime love of the cosmos and foster their enthusiasm for STEM. 

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