SETI Air: Artists in Residence

Charles LindsayCharles Lindsay
SETI Air Program Director

Charles is a multi-disciplinary artist interested in technology, eco-systems, semiotics, and the absurd. He was the SETI Institute’s first Artist in Residence 2010 - 2015 and is now directing the SETI AIR program, along with the SETI AIR Advisory Committee. Lindsay is also a Guggenheim Fellow. More about his recent projects here

SETI AIR: Artists in Residence

Felipe SantiagoFelipe Perez Santiago (2018 - 2020) 

Felipe Perez Santiago is an internationally acclaimed composer, conductor, guitarist and sound artist. Winner of several prizes and recognitions, he is a member of the National System of Art Creators in Mexico. Felipe is the founder and artistic director of the Mal’Akh Ensemble, combining chamber and rock music with electronica and multimedia performance. His compositions have been played and commissioned in more than 40 countries by internationally renowned orchestras and ensembles. Felipe’s catalog includes more than 10 discographic productions, spanning orchestral compositions, chamber music, solo pieces, electronic works, and music for films, dance, video and multimedia installations.

Jen BervinJen Bervin (2016 - 2019) 

Jen Bervin is a visual artist and writer whose works combine text and textiles with conceptual elements and a minimalist’s eye for the poetic and essential. Her most recent work is written nanoscale on biomedical silk films and read as a projection with fiber optic light. Bervin is a recipient of a Creative Capital grant and a Robert Rauschenberg Residency.