Vaccine, When?

Vaccine When

It will be the shot heard ‘round the world, once it comes.  But exactly when can we expect a COVID vaccine?  We discuss timelines, how it would work, who’s involved, and the role of human challenge trials. 

Also, although he doesn’t consider himself brave, we do.  Meet a Seattle volunteer enrolled in the first coronavirus vaccine trial.  And, while we mount an elaborate defense against a formidable foe, scientists ask a surprising question: is a virus even alive?


  • Nigel Brown – Emeritus Professor of Molecular Microbiology at the University of Edinburgh
  • Ian Haydon – Public information specialist at the University of Washington, Seattle
  • Bonnie Maldonado – Professor of Pediatrics and Infectious Diseases at the Stanford University School of Medicine
  • Paul Offit – Head of the Vaccine Education Center, and chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases, at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Segments (via
Part 1: Nigel Brown / Are Viruses Alive?
Part 2: Bonnie Maldonado / Vaccine Development
Part 3: Ian Haydon / Vaccine Trial
Part 4: Paul Offit / Coronavirus Vaccine