Race and COVID

group of people of different races with facemarks

While citizens take to the streets to protest racist violence, the pandemic has its own brutal inequities. Black, Latino, and Native American people are bearing the brunt of COVID illness and death. We look at the multitude of factors that contribute to this disparity, most of which existed long before the pandemic. Also, how the Cheyenne River Sioux tribe maintained their coronavirus safeguards in defiance of the South Dakota governor. And, the biological reasons why we categorize one another by skin color.

The COVID Tracking Project’s COVID Racial Data Tracker



Segments (via bigpicturescience.org):
Part 1: Marcella Nunez Smith / Racial Disparity
Part 2: Utibe Essien / Racial Data
Part 3: Nina Jablonski / Skin Color
Part 4: Robert Sapolsky / Us vs. Them
Part 5: Harold Frazier / COVID checkpoint