Math's Paths

Background with math equations
Think outside the cuboid.

If you bake, you can appreciate math’s transformative properties.  Admiring the stackable potato chip is to admire a hyperbolic sheet.  Find out why there’s no need to fear math - you just need to think outside the cuboid.  Also, how nature’s geometric shapes inspire the next generation of squishy robots and an argument for radically overhauling math class.  The end point of these common factors is acute show that’s as fun as eating Pi.



Segments (via
Part 1: Eugenia Cheng / Baking Pi
Part 2: Shankar Venkataramani / Squishy Robots
Part 3: Steve Strogatz / Compelling Calculus
Part 4: Daniel Finkel / Love for Math

originally aired July 15, 2019