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Perks, Inspiration and Progress – A Laser SETI Update

Perks, Inspiration and Progress – A Laser SETI Update

December 2017 update on the Laser SETI project.

We continue to make progress on Laser SETI. Laser SETI will be the best way to find laser flashes from another civilization by placing specialized cameras around the globe to look for flashes from deep space. 

This rendering is a preview of the two-camera enclosure. Two cameras are required per field-of-view at each site and this modular and scalable system houses both the cameras as well as the electronics required to manage, process and store data for them. Its "eyes" are half closed because the extra shutters which protect the optics from direct sunlight are shown halfway through the opening process.

laser seti rendering

The electrical system has been built and tested.  Structural parts that can't be 3D printed are being sent for fabrication, which is one of the longer aspects of the production schedule.  Exact cross-site field-of-view alignment models have been built. We're currently targeting the end of February to deploy the first cameras, and we'll update you all on that schedule as it develops--and we'll try to continue to share pictures in each update so you can literally see the instrument come to life!

For everyone to supported the Laser SETI crowdfunding campaign earlier this year, the perks are on their way! It’s thanks to our generous backers that Laser SETI is able to move forward. There’s a lot excitement about Laser SETI, both here at the SETI Institute as well as out in the world. If you or someone you know been inspired by Laser SETI, or the search for any other type of techno-signature?  We've heard such wonderful, supportive messages from wide and far that we wanted to share them with others!  If you have a haiku, painting, burnt toast reminiscent of our camera, or just a sentence or two you'd like to share, please tweet it to @SETIInstitute or share it #LaserSETI.

Thanks again for all your support and happy holidays to all Earthlings who celebrate them!

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