Vishal Gajjar

Vishal Gajjar


Disciplines: Astronomy

Degree/Major: Doctor of Philosophy (Physics), TIFR, Mumbai, India, 2014

Curriculum vitae: Vishal-Gajjar-CV-5-2023.pdf

Dr Vishal Gajjar is an Astronomer with the SETI institute working on expanding the observing capabilities of the newly upgraded Allen Telescope Array. He received his PhD in Astrophysics from the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India while working on the emission mechanisms of radio-emitting neutron stars/pulsars. He then joined the University of California, Berkeley as a postdoctoral researcher and is currently a visiting scholar. He is also a project scientist for Breakthrough Listen's international collaboration where he works with around half-a-dozen radio observatories across the globe (China, India, Ireland, Sweden, Italy, France, UK) to enable special observing campaigns in search of technologically-advanced extraterrestrial life.

Dr Gajjar is best known for discovering the very first fast radio bursts at the highest radio frequencies and led several surveys across a dozen radio observatories across the globe. He has authored/co-authored around 100 publications with around half-a-dozen articles in Nature/Nature Astronomy. Dr Gajjar has mentored over two dozen undergraduate and graduate students across seven countries and has helped lead first-author publications from several of his students. Dr Gajjar is deeply interested in designing novel signal search algorithms by utilizing advances offered by high-speed GPUs and Artificial Intelligence to help solve fundamental mysteries of the Universe.

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Major Awards

Templeton post-doctoral fellow, UC Berkeley, USA, 2016 - 2018 
West-Light Funding, Chinese Academy of Science, China, 2014 
Young Scientist Award, URSI, Istanbul, Turkey, 2014 
IAU Grant to attend the General assembly in Beijing, China, 2012 
Senior Research Fellowship at the NCRA, India, 2009-2014 
ASTRON summer school, Dwingeloo, Neatherlands, 2010 
Junior Research Fellowship at the NCRA, India, 2007-2009 


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