Szilárd Gyalay

Szilárd Gyalay

Research Scientist

Disciplines: Planetary Geophysics

Degree/Major: Ph.D. in Earth Science from University of California, Santa Cruz

Curriculum vitae:

Szilárd develops geophysical models to infer the history of planetary interiors and surfaces from spacecraft observations. This has included his search for sub-surface oceans within Saturn's icy satellites and his models of the thermal evolution of porous layers in the Martian crust. Currently, he works closely with colleagues at NASA Ames Research Center on the Near InfraRed Volatiles Spectrometer System (NIRVSS) instrument aboard the Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover (VIPER) mission which will, among other things, quantify the abundance of water ice in the near-surface lunar regolith.

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