Robert French

Robert French

Research Scientist

Disciplines: Planetary Sciences

Degree/Major: M.S., Astronomy, 2010, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

Curriculum vitae: download

Robert French studies the rings and moons of the outer planets of our solar system - their origin, evolution, and eventual demise. Over the past ten years at the SETI Institute, he has investigated recent changes in Saturn's F ring, analyzed the (in)stability of the inner Uranian satellites, and co-discovered a moon of Neptune. In addition to his research, Robert is a Co-I on the Ring-Moon Systems Node of the Planetary Data System, where he leads the effort to develop and maintain OPUS , the Outer Planets Unified Search tool. He recently completed a multi-year project to deduce precise spacecraft pointing information from all 400,000 Cassini ISS images of Saturn and its environment to ease the workload of future researchers.