Ann Marie Cody

Ann Marie Cody

Research Scientist

Disciplines: Astronomy

Degree/Major: Ph.D., Astrophysics, 2011, California Institute of Technology

Curriculum vitae: 2020_08_18_cv_forSETI.pdf

Ann Marie Cody is a Principal Investigator with the SETI Institute's Carl Sagan Center. She has also worked at NASA Ames since 2014, first as a NASA Postdoctoral Program fellow and subsequently as a research support scientist for the Kepler and K2 Missions.  

Dr. Cody uses ground-based telescopes and space observatories to explore the diversity of variability behavior in young stars. She uses this variability to learn about the dynamics of gas and dust associated with newborn stars and their planet-forming disks. Her time domain research involves high-precision optical and infrared photometry, as well as spectroscopy. In her spare time, Dr. Cody enjoys creating scientific cartoons to illustrate topics in astronomical research.


Select Publications

  • Rotation of Low-mass Stars in Taurus with K2,” 2020 AJ, 159, 273 (L. Rebull, J. Stauffer, A. Cody, et al.)
  • “A Substellar Companion to a Hot Star in K2’s Campaign 0 Field,” 2019 PASP, 131, 4402 (S. Dholakia, S. Dholakia, A. Cody, et al.)
  • “A Warm Jupiter-sized Planet Transiting the Pre-main-sequence Star V1298 Tau,” 2019 AJ, 158, 79 (T. David, A. Cody, et al.)
  • “Discovery of a Transiting Adolescent Sub-Neptune Exoplanet in the Cas-Tau Association with K2,” 2018 AJ, 156, 302 (T. David, E. Mamajek, A. Vanderburg, J. Schlieder, M. Bristow, E. Petigura, D. Ciardi, I. Crossfield, H. Isaacson, A. Cody et al.)
  • “A Catalog of 29 Open Clusters and Associations Observed by the Kepler and K2 Missions,” 2018 RNAAS, 2, 199 (A. Cody, G. Barentsen, C. Hedges, M. Gully-Santiago, J. Dotson, T. Barclay, S. Bryson & N. Saunders).  []
  • The Many-faceted Light Curves of Young Disk-bearing Stars in Upper Sco –– Oph Observed by K2 Campaign 2,” 2018 AJ, 156, 71 (A. Cody & L. Hillenbrand)
  • “Multiwavelength Variability Surveys: Reaping the Stellar Harvest,” 2017 in press, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXV (ASP Conf.) (A. Cody, J. Stauffer, L. Hillenbrand, L. Rebull, I. Song)
  • “Rotation of Low-mass Stars in Upper Scorpius and ρ Ophiuchus with K2,” 2018 AJ, 155, 196 (L. Rebull, J. R. Stauffer, A. Cody, L. Hillenbrand, T. David & M. Pinnsoneault)
  • “K2SUPERSTAMP: The Release of Calibrated Mosaics for the Kepler/K2 Mission,” 2018 RNAAS, 2, 25 (A. Cody, G. Barentsen, C. Hedges, M. Gully-Santiago & Z. Vinícius de Miranda)
  • “Rotation of Late-type Stars in Praesepe with K2,” 2017 ApJ 839, 92 (L. Rebull, J. Stauffer, L. Hillenbrand, A. Cody, J. Bouvie, D. Soderblom, M. Pinsonneault, & L. Hebb)
  • “CSI 2264: Investigating rotation and its connection with disk accretion in the young open cluster NGC 2264,” 2017 A&A 599, 23 (L. Venuti, J. Bouvier, A. Cody, J. Stauffer, G. Micela, L. Rebull, S. Alencar, A. Sousa, L. Hillenbrand, E. Flaccomio)
  • “A Continuum of Accretion Burst Behavior in Young Stars Observed by K2,” 2017 AJ 836, 41, (A. Cody, L. Hillenbrand, T. David, M. Everett, S. Howell
  • “Rotation in the Pleiades with K2. I. Data and First Results,” 2016 AJ, 152, 113 (L. Rebull, J. Stauffer, J. Bouvier, A. Cody, L. Hillenbrand, D. Soderblom, J. Valenti, D. Barrado, H. Bouy, D. Ciardi, M. Pinsonneault, K. Stassun, G. Micela, S. Aigrain, F. Vrba, G. Somers, J. Christiansen, E. Gillen, A. Cameron Collier)
  • “Seeing Through the Ring: Near-infrared Photometry of V582 Mon (KH 15D),” 2016 AJ, 151, 90, (N. R. Arulanantham, W. Herbst, A. Cody, et al.)
  • “CSI 2264: Characterizing Young Stars in NGC 2264 with Stochastically Varying Light Curves,” 2016 AJ, 151, 60 (J. R. Stauffer, A. Cody, et al.)
  • “YSOVAR: mid-infrared variability of young stellar objects and their disks in the cluster IRAS 20050+2720,” 2015 AJ, 150, 118 (K. Poppenhaeger, A. Cody, K. Covey, H. M. Günther, L. A. Hillenbrand, P. Plavchan, L. M. Rebull, J. R. Stauffer, S. J. Wolk, C. Espaillat, J. Forbrich, R. A. Gutermuth, J. L. Hora, M. Morales-Calderón, I. Song)
  • “The Mass-Radius Relation of Young Stars, I: UScoCTIO 5, An M4.5 Eclipsing Binary in Upper Scorpius Observed By K2,” 2015 ApJ, 807, 3 (A. Kraus, A. Cody, Covey, K., Rizzuto, A.,  Mann, A., Ireland, M.)
  • “CSI 2264: Characterizing Young Stars in NGC 2264 with Narrow, Periodic Flux Dips in Their Light Curves,” 2015 AJ, 149, 130 (J. Stauffer, A. Cody, P. McGinnis, L. Rebull, L. Hillenbrand, N. J. Turner, J. Carpenter, P. Plavchan, S. Carey, S. Terebey, M. Morales-Calderón, S. H. P. Alencar, J. Bouvier, L. Venuti, L. Hartmann, N. Calvet, G. Micela, E. Flaccomio, I. Song, R. Gutermuth, D. Barrado, F. Vrba, K. Covey, D. Padgett, W. Herbst, E. Gillen, W. Lyra, H. Bouy, F. Favata)
  • “Simulated performance of timescale metrics for aperiodic light curves,” 2015 ApJ, 798, 89 (K. Findeisen, A. Cody, L. Hillenbrand)
  • “A Pulsation search among young brown dwarfs and very-low-mass stars,” 2014, ApJ, 796, 129 (A. Cody, L. Hillenbrand)
  • “CSI 2264: Simultaneous optical and infrared light curves of young disk-bearing stars,” 2014 AJ, 147, 82 (A. Cody, J. Stauffer, & the CSI 2264 Team)