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Spacebook Live: New Horizons and Ultima Thule with Mark Showalter

, 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
CEO Bill Diamond is joined by New Horizons Hazard team lead and SETI Institute Senior Scientist, Mark Showalter to discuss the spacecraft's flyby of Ultima Thule, what it's like working on the Hazards team, and

An Ultima Thule Puzzle

The New Horizons spacecraft, which is en route to the outermost region of the Solar System for its New Year’s Day rendezvous with the Kuiper Belt Object Ultima Thule, has delivered an early puzzle for researchers.
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New Horizons’ New Year’s Date with Ultima Thule

The New Horizons spacecraft has received the "all clear" for its New Year’s date with the Kuiper Belt Object Ultima Thule. Today, NASA announced that the New Horizons mission team has set a clear path, with no moons, rings, or other debris that could potentially destroy the probe.

Taking Your Family to Ultima Thule

, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
What will humanity find one billion miles beyond Pluto? Dr. Mark Showalter, a world-renowned planetary scientist at the SETI Institute and discoverer of two of Pluto's moons, is a member of NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft's science team.
Pluto Features

Why is it so cold on Pluto?

It’s cold on Pluto. Very cold. During the New Horizons flyby of Pluto in 2015 we learned that the temperature is colder than previously thought, -203 ºC.

Do You Have the Perfect Nickname for New Horizons’ Next Flyby Target?

Mountain View, CA – Today NASA announced a new naming campaign for the next flyby target of the New Horizons spacecraft. At the moment, the target is officially known as “(486958) 2014 MU69”, or “MU69” for short.
Pluto Features

Pluto features given first official names

It’s official: Pluto’s “heart” now bears the name of pioneering American astronomer Clyde Tombaugh, who discovered Pluto in 1930.

Pluto in Sight

It takes a village to pull off a decade-long mission to the outer pickets of the Solar System.