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Julian Nott (1944–2019)

Julian Nott (1944–2019)

Balloonist Julian Nott of Santa Barbara passed away peacefully on March 26.


Julian Nott on an Airplane

Balloonist Julian Nott of Santa Barbara had an accident a few hours after landing his latest balloon on Sunday, March 24. He sustained head injuries and passed away peacefully yesterday afternoon, March 26, 2019. A pioneer in ballooning, Nott holds 79 world ballooning records, including exceeding 55,000 feet in the hot air balloon that is now on display in the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum. Julian took part as an observer in two of SETI Institute's airborne observing campaigns, working with Peter Jenniskens on remote observations of the Jules Verne spacecraft re-entry and the Aurigid meteor outburst. Julian's latest project was a new balloon designed for high altitude ballooning in which conventional ballast was replaced with cryogenic helium. At the invitation of Nott, the balloon carried a SETI Institute-contributed surveillance system of low-light video cameras for meteor imaging, part of several scientific experiments onboard.

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